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Pulling my walls down.

Warning-Deep post ahead.New,unexplored area for me.

Hey guys!So,if you haven’t noticed yet,I haven’t posted for more than a week now.That’s because I had a couple of issues going on and basically,I didn’t have anything to write about.
In other words,writer’s block.

A big one.

And,I had a lot of projects and assignments to be completed.

So,my writer’s block made me think.

A lot.

I thought about a lot of stuff about which I could write but then I thought (basically I thought a lot,if you didn’t infer that by now) that it couldn’t be my niche.

Then I decided to write about my loneliness from school and college.

But then again,I realised that the link to my blog which was in my Instagram bio could be accessed by many “average minded” people(That’s putting it mildly)and they could judge me about it.Its not the judging that makes me feel weird,it’s that people who I thought could be my friends and for whom I pulled down my walls of fear,judge me.

Believe me,I have always been a victim of indirect bullying.

School was obviously hell,I didn’t expect college to backfire so much.

I thought,new place,new beginnings. 

But,boy,was I wrong.

College comprises of indirect,sweetly composed insults which could pierce deep.

You can call me sensitive and ask me to be open-minded.But believe me,I have tried.

I have tried and tried but failed horribly.

And for people who know me personally,please,do not sympathise with me because that’s not what I want from this post.

It’s for you to know what goes through my head when y’all comment on everything I do.

Really,studying is bad?

Really,if I’m a nerd,that isn’t good?

Basically,you don’t like me,say it.Don’t tag me along with pity and disgust.

I do pretty well on my own.

That’s how I spent my last 2 years of school.

That’s basically my version of a rant.

What’s yours?

P.S-I have never written such a raw,unedited article ever.

P.P.S-I am now officially published online and on real paper.Yay me!

P.P.P.S-I’m so sorry for the abrupt ending but if I could go on,it would take forever.So that’s all for now.

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Boy troubles.

So,the day before yesterday,I fell sick.

Not big-time-hospitalise-this-piece-of-shit-sick.

Just your regular stupid strep throat,irritating cold and the nagging headache.

This happens to me three times a year,whenever the climate changes.Combined with a stress release.


So I did what every girl did when she was pissed,sad or stressed.

Got the pajamas out,wrapped myself with the most cosiest comforter I could find and drowned my sickness with my all time fav,”The Devil Wears Prada.”

I can literally(pronounce it the Kendall Jenner way๐Ÿ˜›)watch that movie a thousand times.Which,on an afterthought,sounds incredibly cliche.

This mostly sounds like an after-breakup-situation,but I was kinda annoyed.

As Anne Hathaway got a makeover in the movie,my mind wandered off to last week.

I met this guy on Instagram.(I feel all my stories start with this situation.After all,it’s always a guy๐ŸŒš)

He was not the usual fuckboy I expected.


I thought I might like him a little too.

Yes,as inhumane and cruel I am,I indeed am capable of liking someone.(Yeah right๐Ÿ™ˆ)

So we start talking,it was nothing crazy.

Somehow,I dunno how but,we steered towards the “kiss question”

You know,the common “Have you ever kissed anyone before?”

Before you know it,I say no.

The guy appears to ponder over it and then asks me my bucket list.

So I list off quite a few.

And lemme tell you what was on top of his list.

Getting drunk at a concert.


No,I’m not kidding.

Pretty sure that we’ll get a thousand opportunities to get drunk at a concert but I dunno why it was on the top of HIS list.

Well,that’s his personality.

But what he asked next put me in the position of “deer-caught-in-headlights.”

He asked me whether I would join him in getting drunk at a concert.

To a girl he just met 2 hours ago.

*online sigh*

Why,why do guys have to such idiots?!And if a guy is reading this,you tell me why y’all have to be so clueless.

Never ask this to a girl.Last thing you wanna do,is get her scared of commitment.

And that scars for life.

So anyways,after composing myself for a few minutes,I reply a curt,”I dunno.”

We move forward when suddenly the bomb is dropped.

He says to me to make him MY FIRST PRIORITY and that he wants to meet me the next day itself.

Like,excuse me?!?!

First priorities?!

Hell,my line of priorities are so long that you’re not even in it,boy.

This is nothing compared to the next thing.

I go out for a while and when I come back late at night I see texts from him saying where was I and stuff like that.

THEN,he texts me on Instagram saying that why did I block him which I obviously hadn’t.He assumed I had cause I wasn’t replying to him.

I exploded and blocked him.

Then later,the stupid person I am,I unblocked him and then the usual drama happened.

Like,why did you block me,and what’s your problem.

But in the end we made up promising to keep in contact.

But then college started and we both got busy,and whenever we talked it was boring and not exciting at all.

So I randomly blocked him again(I know,I’m a cruel person.)and haven’t talked to him till now.

So incidentally,this guy knows a close friend of mine,and that’s how he knew me.

And that friend of mine is now currently hanging out with him at a concert(which I’m pretty sure he’s gonna get drunk at and tick one thing off his list๐Ÿ™ˆ) while I’m over here surrounded with snot covered tissues.๐Ÿ˜‚

Classic,am I right?!

P.S-This post has made me realise I’m gonna be forever single.๐ŸŒš๐Ÿ˜›Comment if you relate.

So that’s my guy problem.

What’s yours?


Best friends and girlfriends.

Best friends.

Everyone’s had them.

Some still have them.

Some will be forever.

If you don’t have them,sorry,but get one.They can be the best medicine that you ever get.

Unless,you really have a sad life and talk to no one,get a dog.Or better,get a life.(no offense,but true.)

Like everyone,I too,had a bazillion best friends.But none,I tell you,NONE,stood by me like the one I have now.You might think that,whoa,she’s saying this now but a few weeks later,we’ll see her complaining about how bitchy she is.

Lemme assure you,that’s not gonna happen.๐Ÿ™…
My relationship with my best friend is weird.

She’s actually a year younger to me.

Now you might think,what’s in a number if you’re best friends?!

Well,the problem is that,she’s still in school and I’m in college.

See,in India,there’s two separate colleges.Normal college begins after 12th grade and there’s one junior college that is after 10th grade.

So I’m in junior college and she’s in grade 10.So we seeing each other is,like,a miracle.

We meet every 3-4 months and that too,for,maybe an hour or two.

Because she has to get back to studying.(Basically,in India,10th and 12th grade is huge,so you gotta work your ass off for it)

And she wants to become a dermatologist,so she has to slog more.

We met each other on a trip from school when I was in 6th grade and she was in 5th.

We used to absolutely hate each other.

And by hate,I mean pull-your-hair-out-hate.

It actually turns out,during that trip,I had another best friend.

More like,a group of best friends.

But,every single one turned out to be a bitch.

And one of them remained a best friend till maybe,middle of eight grade,and then left me for a boyfriend.

All because I didn’t like the guy cause he had a playboy rep.

So guys,just a note,girlfriends break 4 year long friendships for you okay?Keep that in mind before breaking up with them just because they didn’t have sex with you.

So,back to my best friend.

We both hated each other.

Then,fast forward to 2015,Europe trip(Our school takes us to international trips every summer)when I actually see her again.

Its turns out we had mutual friends and were forced to hangout with each other.(Now I’m glad they did that.)

You know what takes place when two people who don’t like each other are forced to hangout?!

Yeah,that didn’t happen.(Ya see what I did there?!๐Ÿ˜›)

We instantly clicked,talked about all kinds of shit and totally ignored the people who hooked us up together.

I told her how I made out with a guy in a salt mine(yeah,I do crazy shit) and she told me how she broke up with her boyfriend a month ago.We bonded on a whole new level and it was destiny.

Now,1 year later,she’s in 10th grade and I’m in junior college and we’re still close as ever.

Yeah,we fight,call each other names,but that’s just something we do.

I tell her all my dreams and she tells me her aspirations(don’t they mean the same?!)

So,as you read this,I hope you’re reminded about all the stuff you do with your bff and smile.

Basically,get yourselves a best friend that doesn’t judge you but judges other people with you!

That was my story about my best friend and me.

What’s yours?


Fuckboy tales

So this year,after entering college,I joined Instagram.Yeah,I know,pretty late.But,I did have an account before which I sadly deactivated.Due to tenth grade,of course.

So back to the topic,I joined Instagram.Little did I know that it had changed over a year.

The updates were different,number of accounts were increased and so were the fuckboys.

Instagram is basically Tinder for fuckboys.

Don’t get me wrong,I have nothing against them.They provide fake protection to heartbroken girls.Hey,atleast they provide protection,fake or not.

So,basically,what I’m trying to say is that I,too,ladies,had my share of fuckboys.

So,from the top.

So a few months,since the beginning of college(ya see what I did there?!๐Ÿ˜›)this random dude texted me.Random is the classier word,okay?So I’m being real kind here.

Okay,if you remember,I just had joined Instagram so I had hardly 3 pictures up.So,this guy tries to strike up a convo,by liking all my 3 pictures.So,me being nice and kinda desperate (hey,being honest here)liked 3 pictures back.

Courtesy,am I right huh?!(more like desperacy)

Little did I know,that this was just the beginning.

So,let’s name him random guy.

So Random Guy slides into my DM with a text.So long story short,we started talking.

And no,I didn’t give him my number. I’m not that stupid.

But a few months in,I decided to give him my number and we start talking on Whatsapp.Simple.

But as the great person I am,I blocked him randomly one day as I needed to concentrate on my Sems.For those people passed out of college,semesters.

So,genuine reason.

But one day,the last day of exams to be accurate,I unblocked him and texted him saying how sorry I was(not) and he says how offended he was when I blocked him(yeah,right) but he was willing to give me a “second chance” like excuse me,I talk to you cause you gimme attention,that’s it.

I know I’m rambling but this is the best part okay?!So hear me,or rather,read me out.

So after a couple weeks of not talking,one fine day,I open Instagram and I see his comment on a random picture of mine saying”Prettiest girl I have eva seen”

Okay,horny much?!

So I explode at him,texting him saying that wtf is wrong with him and what right does he have that after weeks of not talking he can just randomly comment on my pictures?!

Then the bomb is dropped.

His GIRLFRIEND texts me saying that please stop talking to him.

And I was like,Da eff?!?!

Believe me when I say this,she texted me from HER account and asked me all sorts of questions about him and me.

I was like,girl,he never told me he had a girlfriend cause I ain’t that type of a bitch.

She somehow trusts me,and then goes ahead to ask me whether he really commented that on my picture.

And I was like yeah,he did.

Then she was like whether could I send her a screenshot so when she confronts him,she can have evidence!!!!Like what is this,the FBI?!

So,long story short,I got played at and a girl’s heart got broken.

So,if there are any guys reading this,don’t do this.We girls are already suffering enough with PMS and shit and we don’t need being used also added to the list.


That’s my fuckboy story.

What’s yours?


Notes and Votes.

Let’s face it.2016 has been an absolute mayhem.From Donald Trump to Brangelina,everything’s changed.The one thing that gives us(or atleast me) comfort (in India)is also changing!Like,whatsup with that?

Personally,for me,2016 has been a year of good events.Not to be a spoilsport,but I passed out of school with good grades,got into a good college and am in a good place right now.But,the world has been going crazy.As far as this year is concerned,I too had my share of shit.And I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be facing some more shit.

So,this year,Gilmore Girls is coming on Netflix and nuclear codes are gonna be in the hands of Trump.Oh and Melania is gonna be First Lady.Is there anything better than that?*note the blast of sarcasm*Is there anything else that you wanna add to this list?!Oh,I almost forgot.There’s this too.

But the biggest issue was Brangelina!!I know,it’s none of my concern but cmon,admit that you also were jealous of their relationship and their kids.And they were such a power couple.Bear with me as I complain,but 2016 maybe one of the worst years world has ever faced.The only thing to look forward to is Christmas,which incidentally,Starbucks had almost ruined with their green cups instead of their good ol red ones.

Apparently,these are the new Christmas cups that Starbucks is releasing this year.Forgive me for this basic screenshot but cut a girl some slack.Why,Starbucks,why did you wanna ruin our lives with the green ones?!

So that’s my version of this year!

What’s yours?

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