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Breakups and makeups.

I have never really felt the impact of a bad breakup.It’s maybe because I never was in a serious relationship.

But I witnessed a lot of breakups and the aftermath that follows it.

Basically,I was that person in the squad everybody rants to.That means,I knew a lot of secrets.

I basically came to know that my best friend in eight grade was gonna break our friendship just because I didn’t support the guy that she was dating.

I came to know that a guy that I dated in 7th grade broke up with me just because I had gotten braces.

I,also,came to know that my So-called friends in 9th grade were jealous of me.Why,you ask?Because I,apparently,was perfect and no problems in life.

So,the point behind all this was I witnessed one of the worst aftermath of a breakup.

Just hearing to it,got me all weird and overwhelmed.

Because,really,I hadn’t heard anything that cruel and cold blooded.

My friend,C,who I met in college,had a boyfriend from 6th grade.So that means,they were together for 4 years.

Whenever the point about love and boyfriends came up,she used to begin about her boyfriend and what she had gifted her recently and where he had taken her.

This isn’t in a mean way,trust me.We all were happy about her and stuff.But all that talk did get on our nerves sometimes.

So recently,one of my other friends from the squad texted me saying that C’s parents have come to know about everything.

So now you might think,so what?But the main thing here is that-

  1. Her parents didn’t know about them.
  2. They went out secretly.
  3. Her mother hated the guy and she had made it clear to her.

But still,she went out with her.She blamed it all on love.

So here’s the thing.I call up the friend that told me about C.She told me that C wanted her to talk her mum saying that she hadn’t bunked off classes to go out with him.

Basically,she wants her to lie.

I told her that I hoped she didn’t.

She assured me she didn’t.

Now,here’s the twist.

It was her close school friend who told her mum.

This school friend is also in my class.But she isn’t in our friend group.

We knew she felt jealous but we didn’t know that she’d go this far.

She just went and told C’s mother about them.

Apparently,she didn’t know that C’s mum didn’t know about her relationship.

And then,to make matters worse,C’s mum caught her going out with the guy holding hands.

She got them both home,then slapped her which left a nail mark on her nose.

Then her dad comes home and then hits her too.

Then the guy gets pissed and yells back at her mum when she says that I hate you.

That just worsens it.

C’s mum throws him out of their house and grounds her.

Now,she’s not given a phone,not allowed to join extra curricular activities and her mum comes to pick her up everyday.

And she’s supposed to stick with that backstabbing girl because her mum apparently “trusts her”.

And now,she’s acting weird with the rest of the squad.

And we are all getting pissed.

But I can now seen the breakup affecting her.

Her face is pale,that scar looks horrible and she looks thinner.

And apparently,the guy smashed a glass window with his hand and injured himself.

But I thought that was just a little too much.

But,I don’t know what goes on in their private life.

So this time,I’m asking you readers,do you think what C’s mum did was right or wrong?I would love to hear your opinion.

So,that’s mine(or rather,my friend’s breakup story)

What’s yours?



Pulling my walls down.

Warning-Deep post ahead.New,unexplored area for me.

Hey guys!So,if you haven’t noticed yet,I haven’t posted for more than a week now.That’s because I had a couple of issues going on and basically,I didn’t have anything to write about.
In other words,writer’s block.

A big one.

And,I had a lot of projects and assignments to be completed.

So,my writer’s block made me think.

A lot.

I thought about a lot of stuff about which I could write but then I thought (basically I thought a lot,if you didn’t infer that by now) that it couldn’t be my niche.

Then I decided to write about my loneliness from school and college.

But then again,I realised that the link to my blog which was in my Instagram bio could be accessed by many “average minded” people(That’s putting it mildly)and they could judge me about it.Its not the judging that makes me feel weird,it’s that people who I thought could be my friends and for whom I pulled down my walls of fear,judge me.

Believe me,I have always been a victim of indirect bullying.

School was obviously hell,I didn’t expect college to backfire so much.

I thought,new place,new beginnings. 

But,boy,was I wrong.

College comprises of indirect,sweetly composed insults which could pierce deep.

You can call me sensitive and ask me to be open-minded.But believe me,I have tried.

I have tried and tried but failed horribly.

And for people who know me personally,please,do not sympathise with me because that’s not what I want from this post.

It’s for you to know what goes through my head when y’all comment on everything I do.

Really,studying is bad?

Really,if I’m a nerd,that isn’t good?

Basically,you don’t like me,say it.Don’t tag me along with pity and disgust.

I do pretty well on my own.

That’s how I spent my last 2 years of school.

That’s basically my version of a rant.

What’s yours?

P.S-I have never written such a raw,unedited article ever.

P.P.S-I am now officially published online and on real paper.Yay me!

P.P.P.S-I’m so sorry for the abrupt ending but if I could go on,it would take forever.So that’s all for now.

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