Boy troubles.

So,the day before yesterday,I fell sick.

Not big-time-hospitalise-this-piece-of-shit-sick.

Just your regular stupid strep throat,irritating cold and the nagging headache.

This happens to me three times a year,whenever the climate changes.Combined with a stress release.


So I did what every girl did when she was pissed,sad or stressed.

Got the pajamas out,wrapped myself with the most cosiest comforter I could find and drowned my sickness with my all time fav,”The Devil Wears Prada.”

I can literally(pronounce it the Kendall Jenner wayπŸ˜›)watch that movie a thousand times.Which,on an afterthought,sounds incredibly cliche.

This mostly sounds like an after-breakup-situation,but I was kinda annoyed.

As Anne Hathaway got a makeover in the movie,my mind wandered off to last week.

I met this guy on Instagram.(I feel all my stories start with this situation.After all,it’s always a guy🌚)

He was not the usual fuckboy I expected.


I thought I might like him a little too.

Yes,as inhumane and cruel I am,I indeed am capable of liking someone.(Yeah rightπŸ™ˆ)

So we start talking,it was nothing crazy.

Somehow,I dunno how but,we steered towards the “kiss question”

You know,the common “Have you ever kissed anyone before?”

Before you know it,I say no.

The guy appears to ponder over it and then asks me my bucket list.

So I list off quite a few.

And lemme tell you what was on top of his list.

Getting drunk at a concert.


No,I’m not kidding.

Pretty sure that we’ll get a thousand opportunities to get drunk at a concert but I dunno why it was on the top of HIS list.

Well,that’s his personality.

But what he asked next put me in the position of “deer-caught-in-headlights.”

He asked me whether I would join him in getting drunk at a concert.

To a girl he just met 2 hours ago.

*online sigh*

Why,why do guys have to such idiots?!And if a guy is reading this,you tell me why y’all have to be so clueless.

Never ask this to a girl.Last thing you wanna do,is get her scared of commitment.

And that scars for life.

So anyways,after composing myself for a few minutes,I reply a curt,”I dunno.”

We move forward when suddenly the bomb is dropped.

He says to me to make him MY FIRST PRIORITY and that he wants to meet me the next day itself.

Like,excuse me?!?!

First priorities?!

Hell,my line of priorities are so long that you’re not even in it,boy.

This is nothing compared to the next thing.

I go out for a while and when I come back late at night I see texts from him saying where was I and stuff like that.

THEN,he texts me on Instagram saying that why did I block him which I obviously hadn’t.He assumed I had cause I wasn’t replying to him.

I exploded and blocked him.

Then later,the stupid person I am,I unblocked him and then the usual drama happened.

Like,why did you block me,and what’s your problem.

But in the end we made up promising to keep in contact.

But then college started and we both got busy,and whenever we talked it was boring and not exciting at all.

So I randomly blocked him again(I know,I’m a cruel person.)and haven’t talked to him till now.

So incidentally,this guy knows a close friend of mine,and that’s how he knew me.

And that friend of mine is now currently hanging out with him at a concert(which I’m pretty sure he’s gonna get drunk at and tick one thing off his listπŸ™ˆ) while I’m over here surrounded with snot covered tissues.πŸ˜‚

Classic,am I right?!

P.S-This post has made me realise I’m gonna be forever single.πŸŒšπŸ˜›Comment if you relate.

So that’s my guy problem.

What’s yours?



6 thoughts on “Boy troubles.

      1. Saurab

        Well, I’m yet to face this. I have talked to strangers on social media. Mostly, the conversations die out. Only one instance has resulted in a long-lasting friendship.


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