Best friends and girlfriends.

Best friends.

Everyone’s had them.

Some still have them.

Some will be forever.

If you don’t have them,sorry,but get one.They can be the best medicine that you ever get.

Unless,you really have a sad life and talk to no one,get a dog.Or better,get a life.(no offense,but true.)

Like everyone,I too,had a bazillion best friends.But none,I tell you,NONE,stood by me like the one I have now.You might think that,whoa,she’s saying this now but a few weeks later,we’ll see her complaining about how bitchy she is.

Lemme assure you,that’s not gonna happen.🙅
My relationship with my best friend is weird.

She’s actually a year younger to me.

Now you might think,what’s in a number if you’re best friends?!

Well,the problem is that,she’s still in school and I’m in college.

See,in India,there’s two separate colleges.Normal college begins after 12th grade and there’s one junior college that is after 10th grade.

So I’m in junior college and she’s in grade 10.So we seeing each other is,like,a miracle.

We meet every 3-4 months and that too,for,maybe an hour or two.

Because she has to get back to studying.(Basically,in India,10th and 12th grade is huge,so you gotta work your ass off for it)

And she wants to become a dermatologist,so she has to slog more.

We met each other on a trip from school when I was in 6th grade and she was in 5th.

We used to absolutely hate each other.

And by hate,I mean pull-your-hair-out-hate.

It actually turns out,during that trip,I had another best friend.

More like,a group of best friends.

But,every single one turned out to be a bitch.

And one of them remained a best friend till maybe,middle of eight grade,and then left me for a boyfriend.

All because I didn’t like the guy cause he had a playboy rep.

So guys,just a note,girlfriends break 4 year long friendships for you okay?Keep that in mind before breaking up with them just because they didn’t have sex with you.

So,back to my best friend.

We both hated each other.

Then,fast forward to 2015,Europe trip(Our school takes us to international trips every summer)when I actually see her again.

Its turns out we had mutual friends and were forced to hangout with each other.(Now I’m glad they did that.)

You know what takes place when two people who don’t like each other are forced to hangout?!

Yeah,that didn’t happen.(Ya see what I did there?!😛)

We instantly clicked,talked about all kinds of shit and totally ignored the people who hooked us up together.

I told her how I made out with a guy in a salt mine(yeah,I do crazy shit) and she told me how she broke up with her boyfriend a month ago.We bonded on a whole new level and it was destiny.

Now,1 year later,she’s in 10th grade and I’m in junior college and we’re still close as ever.

Yeah,we fight,call each other names,but that’s just something we do.

I tell her all my dreams and she tells me her aspirations(don’t they mean the same?!)

So,as you read this,I hope you’re reminded about all the stuff you do with your bff and smile.

Basically,get yourselves a best friend that doesn’t judge you but judges other people with you!

That was my story about my best friend and me.

What’s yours?



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