Fuckboy tales

So this year,after entering college,I joined Instagram.Yeah,I know,pretty late.But,I did have an account before which I sadly deactivated.Due to tenth grade,of course.

So back to the topic,I joined Instagram.Little did I know that it had changed over a year.

The updates were different,number of accounts were increased and so were the fuckboys.

Instagram is basically Tinder for fuckboys.

Don’t get me wrong,I have nothing against them.They provide fake protection to heartbroken girls.Hey,atleast they provide protection,fake or not.

So,basically,what I’m trying to say is that I,too,ladies,had my share of fuckboys.

So,from the top.

So a few months,since the beginning of college(ya see what I did there?!πŸ˜›)this random dude texted me.Random is the classier word,okay?So I’m being real kind here.

Okay,if you remember,I just had joined Instagram so I had hardly 3 pictures up.So,this guy tries to strike up a convo,by liking all my 3 pictures.So,me being nice and kinda desperate (hey,being honest here)liked 3 pictures back.

Courtesy,am I right huh?!(more like desperacy)

Little did I know,that this was just the beginning.

So,let’s name him random guy.

So Random Guy slides into my DM with a text.So long story short,we started talking.

And no,I didn’t give him my number. I’m not that stupid.

But a few months in,I decided to give him my number and we start talking on Whatsapp.Simple.

But as the great person I am,I blocked him randomly one day as I needed to concentrate on my Sems.For those people passed out of college,semesters.

So,genuine reason.

But one day,the last day of exams to be accurate,I unblocked him and texted him saying how sorry I was(not) and he says how offended he was when I blocked him(yeah,right) but he was willing to give me a “second chance” like excuse me,I talk to you cause you gimme attention,that’s it.

I know I’m rambling but this is the best part okay?!So hear me,or rather,read me out.

So after a couple weeks of not talking,one fine day,I open Instagram and I see his comment on a random picture of mine saying”Prettiest girl I have eva seen”

Okay,horny much?!

So I explode at him,texting him saying that wtf is wrong with him and what right does he have that after weeks of not talking he can just randomly comment on my pictures?!

Then the bomb is dropped.

His GIRLFRIEND texts me saying that please stop talking to him.

And I was like,Da eff?!?!

Believe me when I say this,she texted me from HER account and asked me all sorts of questions about him and me.

I was like,girl,he never told me he had a girlfriend cause I ain’t that type of a bitch.

She somehow trusts me,and then goes ahead to ask me whether he really commented that on my picture.

And I was like yeah,he did.

Then she was like whether could I send her a screenshot so when she confronts him,she can have evidence!!!!Like what is this,the FBI?!

So,long story short,I got played at and a girl’s heart got broken.

So,if there are any guys reading this,don’t do this.We girls are already suffering enough with PMS and shit and we don’t need being used also added to the list.


That’s my fuckboy story.

What’s yours?



7 thoughts on “Fuckboy tales

  1. Neal Bhati

    You surely one hell of a weird girl lol.
    That post of yours highlights how dumb can both the attention seekers and the so called fuck boys are. They thrive only cause they love doing it and they are fodder for each others Intentions. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person


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