Notes and Votes.

Let’s face it.2016 has been an absolute mayhem.From Donald Trump to Brangelina,everything’s changed.The one thing that gives us(or atleast me) comfort (in India)is also changing!Like,whatsup with that?

Personally,for me,2016 has been a year of good events.Not to be a spoilsport,but I passed out of school with good grades,got into a good college and am in a good place right now.But,the world has been going crazy.As far as this year is concerned,I too had my share of shit.And I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be facing some more shit.

So,this year,Gilmore Girls is coming on Netflix and nuclear codes are gonna be in the hands of Trump.Oh and Melania is gonna be First Lady.Is there anything better than that?*note the blast of sarcasm*Is there anything else that you wanna add to this list?!Oh,I almost forgot.There’s this too.

But the biggest issue was Brangelina!!I know,it’s none of my concern but cmon,admit that you also were jealous of their relationship and their kids.And they were such a power couple.Bear with me as I complain,but 2016 maybe one of the worst years world has ever faced.The only thing to look forward to is Christmas,which incidentally,Starbucks had almost ruined with their green cups instead of their good ol red ones.

Apparently,these are the new Christmas cups that Starbucks is releasing this year.Forgive me for this basic screenshot but cut a girl some slack.Why,Starbucks,why did you wanna ruin our lives with the green ones?!

So that’s my version of this year!

What’s yours?

Comment and like.



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